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Project Approach

At Jeff Lewis AIA - Architect, we take a five phase approach to design and project administration from conceptual beginning through the end of construction. 


The first phase begins with the Owner’s vision and completes with a conceptual design within initial budget limitations.  The second phase is designed to uncover and select the project delivery option as well as confirmation of the budget.  The third phase is the completion of the design and construction documents and provision for final budget or establishment of the guaranteed maximum price approach.  The fourth phase covers bidding and negotiating of the elements for physical construction.  The fifth phase is the actual construction and final commissioning of the project.  We also provide for post occupancy follow up as part of the requirements for project completion beyond normal warranties by general contractors.


During the design phases, we will organize meetings and design charrettes with all team members and Owner representatives to discuss each necessary aspect of the program, budget, schedule, and other pertinent info during the appropriate phase.  We will start off with initial Owner meetings to cover the preliminary space program requirements and to become more familiar with the exact needs for each space in terms of sizes, locations, proximity to other spaces, special conditions, and any other particular item of note the Owner is aware of with regard to those spaces from a programming standpoint.  Part of this process will include site visits to existing facilities to review and discuss pros and cons of current features, and to discuss specific needs for each particular administration or division within the planned facility.  The interaction with each division will continue throughout the design process for input at each phase as necessary.


Other discussions at early design meetings will include site features, structure, exterior aesthetics, building systems, and line of communications among project members.  We would have the appropriate Owner representatives sit down to meet with our team of engineers and discuss the best methods for building construction and components in order to provide the optimum features within the budget from the very beginning.  While we understand things evolve during the design process, it is our intention to identify the realistic major building components as a team as early as possible in an effort to eliminate backtracking that hinders the schedule and design process in general.

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